Help and support

What are the technical requirements?

Our crawler need an access to crawl your website.
We need an access to your Google Search Console to retrieve the search queries (Mandatory)
An implementation of our tracking (Optional but highly recommended)

The tracking allows the Copilot to make sales predictions based on historical data. Without data, the Copilot assume the best pages are the ones which collect the most of traffic but statistics shows that it's not always the case. Collecting good data is the first step to put a good SEO Strategy in place.


Q : What is a conversion?

A conversion is an event which leads to a desired outcome like:
A sale
Booking a call
A quotation demand
Download of an application

Our solution is designed to help you increase your conversion rate.

Q : What's the purpose of tracking?

We make predictions based on historical data.
We analyse what's the entry page on your website and when there is a conversion.
We collect data during one year (GPDR compliance) and serve the only purpose of conversion prediction.
The data collected contains the hashed version of the visitor IP address and the webpage displayed.

Q : How your tracking is implemented?

It's cookie based + pixel beacon.
A small piece of javascript do this work.

Q : I don't want another tool to track my users... Any solutions?

For entreprise plan, we can make predictions based on customer provided data.
It's easy as sending a csv file.

Q : I'm blocked to the search console step... I don't know what to do?

Our servers need to access to your Google Search Console data via the official Google API.
To protect your data, Google use an Authentication mecanism.
You need to provide to our keyword extractor an access to your Google Search Console data
Please, refer to our integration guide to setup your account.

Q : The predictions change day to day... Is it normal?

Each predictions are computed on a regular basis.
We are doing continuous improvments so changes in predictions could happen to your benefit.

Q : Your crawler seems to crawl a small fraction of my site. What's happening?

Our crawler may encounter issues to crawl your website for many reasons.
One of the most frequent error is due to a content firewall (for WordPress users).
Please check if you apply some limitations on crawling speed.
We try to crawl your website during the night to avoid traffic issues.
For entreprise users, we can adjust the crawling speed to your need.

Q : Does your tool import all the search queries which lead to my website?

Yes and No!
No: Because Google Search Console performs sampling and query anonymisation for security purpose (Some people put credit card numbers in search queries).
Yes: We import as many data as we can from Google Search Console (Google is the limiting factor here).

Q : I want to host the software on my servers, is it possible?

Yes! It's available on enterprise plan.

Q : What pieces of technology do you use?

Traditionnal software engineering
Machine learning
Language Models for semantic analysis
Deep learning for predictions

Q : For which kind of website the SEOCopilot is suitable?

Our algorithms are data hungry.
We need to collect a lot of data to make accurate predictions.
As a rule of thumb you need roughly 100 pages.
Below that threshold, maybe the search volume of queries is low. (It depends of your content)
But don't worry... Try the SEOCopilot for free to get an idea of the amount of your data we can collect from Google Search Console.

Q : My content is on one domain and my conversions on another subdomain... does it works?


Q : You talk about "Above human level performance"... what does that mean exactly?

We compare the conversion rate KPI by comparing your average conversion rate and SEOCopilot conversion rate.
When the SEOCopilot conversion rate is above your conversion rate... we talk about "Above human level performance".
By improving our algorithms and as we get more data, we expect to improve the quality of our predictions.