Cutting-edge SEO services

Our founder's 20+ years of expertise in the web (high-traffic ISP websites, retargeting technology), combined with Big Data, machine learning and automated Deep Learning technologies, has enabled us to develop a new service offering in the world of SEO.

Analysis of your SEO content performance

The primary objective of SEO is to increase your KPIs (sales, application downloads, requests for quotes / appointments).
SEOCopilot is a solution that enables you to analyze which of your SEO contents are generating conversions.
Our system enables you to answer the following questions:

  • Which pages on my site convert? Not converting?
  • What is the average time between a visit and a sale?
  • How can I distinguish between SEO traffic and Ads traffic?
  • Which content categories deserve the most attention?

Our expert will give you access to a dashboard enabling you to track the performance of your content in real time.

Help with keyword selection

Relying on our conversion measurement technology and Google Search Console data, we can analyze up to several tens of millions of keywords to select those that will generate the most sales.

Many of the solutions on the market enable you to obtain traffic-generating keywords, but these are unfortunately not the most profitable (conversion rates are low and competition is high).

What's more, only 20% of the content produced on these keywords will have an impact in terms of sales.

SEOCopilot's promise is to provide you with content ideas to write for which the probability of converting is 3x higher than market standards (Study 2023)! (By writing the same amount of content, your sales progress 3x faster).

Semantic content analysis

With the emergence of AI (LLMs: Large Language Models), we are now able to perform a new type of analysis: semantic content analysis.
(They allow us to represent your content in a high-dimensional latent space, and using advanced mathematical tools, we can represent it in lower-dimensional spaces).
Semantic analysis enables you to map the content of your website and add layers on it:

  • Conversion Layer (you visualize the content that converts)
  • Competitor Layer (content gap / difference)

This enables you to quickly identify the themes that convert the most, so you can develop them further if necessary, and analyze the strategic positioning of your competitors (Which themes are developed or not? Is a competitor trying to penetrate your market, and from what angle?)

Full Site Content Audit: Scalable SEO

Thanks to our data-driven approach to SEO, we can apply Data Science algorithms to deliver granular recommendations (page by page) on sites comprising tens of thousands of pages.
Perhaps you've already used the services of SEO agencies and realized that all audit methodologies look alike:

  • Fragmented analysis / Content analysis by sampling
  • Tracking performance in terms of traffic (not conversion)
  • Difficulty in obtaining actionable recommendations or opacity in the choice of recommendations
  • Difficulty scaling recommendations for large volumes of content?

Our algorithms support expert recommendations with quantitative data. Each page or query is analyzed along with its impact (predictive estimate of sales).

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